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Building Permit Services in Albany California

If you are a construction professional, architect or development company and need permitting services in Albany CA, look no further. Our services allow clear and fast communication between public and private sectors ensuring timely approval of  all building permits. 

Service First Permits Permit Management Services in Albany CA can help with many different types of projects.

Some of the services we offer include


Tailored due diligent strategy for all types of restaurant remolding, construction and renovation.


Complete and compliant submittial to all proper agencies. Never lose time and money while waiting on a permit again. 

Residential and Mixed Use Ground Up Construction

Entire review process oversite. We monitor all aspects of the permit approval process.


Timely status updates through out the entire process. You will know when to expect permits and how to plan your projects efficiently.

We have created several close partnerships with agencies in both the public and private sector.

  • Building and Safety
  • Fire Departments
  • State and Local Health Departments
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Health Departments
  • Public Works
  • Building Divisions
  • Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Board
  • Industrial Waste

Its Easy and Simple

We do all of the leg work for you. Just give us the details of your project and we will make sure your building and construction permits are submitted and issued on time.

Property owners need to get building permits before they carry out any major renovation or construction work. The permit application requirements and the process is different for different cities. If you want to get work done in Albany, CA, study the local building department’s requirements before applying. At Service First Permits, we can help you with this process. Here’s a brief look at what to expect:

What is a Building Permit?

Building permits are a way for local governments to control the quality of construction in their jurisdiction. All constructions must follow local code, which has a set of specific instructions to ensure properties are safe to use. A building department has several experts assess every plan submitted to ensure it lives up to the established quality standards before approving it. The permit application process is relatively straightforward. You need to fill out an application, provide construction or renovation plans, follow the guidelines mentioned on the Albany building department’s website, and then apply. Albany uses a third-party plan checking service to make sure everything is in order. Clear, concise, and accurate plans get through an assessment process quickly.

Do You Need a Permit?

If you make any significant changes to your home’s architecture or replace an essential component, getting a permit is necessary. Property owners need permits for roof replacements, adding a new heater, installing a deck, expanding a room, etc. There are a few exemptions that don’t require one and here’s a list of them:

Emergency repairs also don’t require permits beforehand, but you need to apply on the next possible working day to gain a permit. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to application. If you’re not sure whether a project requires approval, consult with a professional or contact the building department directly.


  • Small detached buildings of less than 120 square feet
  • Fences less than 7’ high
  • Retaining walls that are less than 4 feet tall
  • Water tanks on grade
  • Sidewalks or driveways
  • Finish work like painting, tiling, carpeting, etc
  • Prefabricated swimming pools less than 24 inches deep
  • Playground equipment
  • Decks less than 200 square feet in size and no more than 30 inches above grade


  • Electrical wiring or devices operating at less than 25 volts
  • Minor repair work like replacing lamps or portable electrical components


  • Installing portable heating devices
  • Replacing minor parts that make your gas system unsafe
  • Portable fuel-cell appliances that aren’t connected to the piping system
  • Portable ventilation devices
  • Portable cooling units
  • Steam, hot, or chilled water
  • piping with a regulated appliance
  • Replacing any minor parts
  • Portable evaporative coolers
  • Self-contained refrigeration containing less than 10 pounds of refrigeration
  • Stopping leaks in drains unless it requires major repairs or reworking
  • Clearing stoppages
  • Repairing leaks in small pipes, valves, or fixtures

Who Can Pull a Permit?

Albany City building department has specific guidelines on how can pull permits for construction or renovation projects. Here’s a look at what their guidelines say:

Small Scale Permits

Some projects are small and straightforward, with simple plans. These can be approved over-the-counter within a single day. There’s no long application or plan review process involved in projects like:

    • Window replacements
    • Re-roofing
    • Siding replacement
    • HVAC or furnace replacement
    • Water heater repair or replacement
    • Electrical service upgrades

Your application must include accurate information, a duly filled form, supporting documents like site plans, photographs, material lists, and product cut sheets. A building department staff member will look over the application and approve it as soon as they determine everything is in order

Large Scale Permits

Large-scale and complicated projects require more in-depth assessment. These can’t be reviewed over-the-counter and will go through a thorough examination process. Projects like a bathroom remodel, full building design, kitchen remodel, etc., require a comprehensive assessment. Building owners should fill the application form, make sure there are no errors, and submit the supporting documents necessary for a full plan review. The Albany building department requires:

  • A complete, error-free building permit application.
  • Three sets of full-size construction plans.
  • A digital copy of the plans. (Make sure it is a CD, file-share, or email attachment as the building department won’t accept flash drives)
  • Two sets of structural calculations
  • A storm-water requirements checklist
  • Soils report and engineer conformance letter or
    Soils exemption application
  • Fire Safety Requirements Checklist
  • Two copies of supporting documents like a project manual or a product specification sheet.

State-licensed contractors can apply for permits on their client’s behalf.

Third-party entities or representatives can apply for permits on a building owner’s behalf if they have written permission from the owner. You must mention the name of the state-licensed contractor working on the project, on this application.
Property owners can apply for a permit. They must either name their state-licensed contractor on the application form or apply as an owner-builder that is acting as their own general contractor.

Owner-builders can only act as their own contractor if they own the property, use it as a private residence, and have lived in it for at least 12 months. Make sure the professionals working on the project have current, up-to-date licenses.

A completed application will go through a review process without delays unless there are errors in a plan. Double-check your plan carefully for errors.

Plan Review Process

During a review, your plan documents are sent to several experts like licensed designers, architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, etc. These professionals review every aspect of the submitted design to ensure they are according to code. If there are no errors, you get a permit within a few days.

If these experts find errors, they will send a plan back with checks. You must correct these checks before going through the application process once again.

If you want to know more about the process or wish to consult with Service First Permits, don’t hesitate to reach out. Their team will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get permits quickly.Temporary decorative lighting

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