Mandy Leesch

Mandy has an eclectic work history in international travel, luxury sales, hospitality, and commercial construction. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Journalism Advertising/PR, from the University of Arkansas, she held a variety of management positions including Principal Auctioneer, VIP Art Associate, Sales & Event Manager, Service Manager, and Project Manager. Mandy’s management experience in these different fields gives her the ability to adapt to any situation, provide strategy to clients, and assist the SFP team to see that strategy through with proficiency. With a MBA from Johnson & Wales University, Mandy looks forward to using her knowledge and experience to help SFP grow as the leading permit management firm in the nation. She has the skill set to communicate with the clients and design teams, and to represent and negotiate on clients’ behalf through various municipal agencies.
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414 14th St, Suite 50
Denver, CO 80202

4400 Keller Ave, #369
Oakland, CA 94605

Monday – Friday
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