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Permit Consulting, Management
And Expediting Services

Service First Permits provides complete building and construction permit management services.  General contractors, builders, architects, design professionals, business owners, landlords and residential home owners can experience improved work flow and optimal expense estimation without the headache of working with  local jurisdictions for new builds and remodels.  Our services allow clear and fast communication between public and private sectors ensuring timely approval of  all building permits. 

Our Permit Consulting and Management Services Can Help

Restaurant Owners

Tailored due diligent strategy for all types of restaurant remolding, construction and renovation.

Hotel Developers

Complete and compliant submittial to all proper agencies. Never lose time and money while waiting on a permit again. 

Residential, Mixed Use and Ground Up Developers

Entire review process oversite. We monitor all aspects of the permit approval process.

Medical Construction and Remolding

Timely status updates through out the entire process. You will know when to expect permits and how to plan your projects efficiently.

Here at Service First Permits we work directly with clients across the East Bay of California providing first class permit consulting expediting and management services. Over the years we have formed close relationships with local East Bay agencies and jurisdictions needed for a comprehensive approval.These agencies include public, private, and public-private partnerships.

  • Building & Safety
  • Fire Department
  • State & Local Health Department
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Health Department
  • Public Works
  • Building Divisions
  • Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Boards
  • Industrial Waste

East Bay Counties / Cities / Municipalities / Jurisdictions We Serve

Its Easy and Simple

We do all of the leg work for you. Just give us the details of your project and we will make sure your building and construction permits are submitted and issued on time.

The Experts in East Bay Permit Management and Expediting

Service First Permits has worked extensively with contractors, builders, engineers, and construction companies to help them obtain building permits in East Bay since 2009. Our knowledgeable and experienced team work closely with our clients to understand the specific needs of their upcoming construction projects, then develop a permit management strategy that will help them receive the permits in a timely manner.

Through our years of working within the industry, we have built a strong network that allows us to communicate directly with East Bay permitting agencies and review boards, helping our clients receive timely permit approvals. We have an in-depth understanding of the building code process and building permit approvals in East Bay, so we are able to create solutions for all construction projects.

Who Can Benefit from Professional East Bay Permit Expediting Services?

Anybody that is looking to undertake a new construction project within the East Bay jurisdiction will require permits that have been issued by the local review board.

Service First Permits performs diligent research and thoroughly navigates the permit submission process on your behalf, ensuring that you have all the paperwork in order to swiftly begin building.

Our East Bay permit pulling and permit expediting are perfect for all elements of construction projects, including

  • Retail Construction
  • Remodeling Projects
  • Change-of-Use Construction
  • Change-of-Occupancy
  • Signage Permits
  • Sewer and Drainage Use Permits

Land Entitlement Permits: Strategic Permit Management Services in East Bay

In order for you to obtain approval for your next construction project in a timely manner, we work closely with you from the very start to understand all aspects that may require permitting. To do so, we first perform a pre-construction consultation, where our expert team are able to review everything from your building proposal to the construction zone. During this initial assessment, we begin noting the different documentation and forms that will be needed for your building permit submission.

Once we have fully reviewed your building proposal, we will use our knowledge of the East Bay area municipal requirements for local construction to create a custom permit management strategy. By doing so, we will list all the various forms, applications and documentations that will be necessary for you to obtain a building permit from the local review board.

As we are experienced in the field, we already possess a thorough knowledge of East Bay’s building permit process. Through this knowledge and our constant communication with members of the municipal review board, we are able to develop and submit a building permit application on your behalf that will be approved as quickly as possible.

East Bay Permit Pulling for All Types of Construction Projects

To meet the needs of all of our clients, we provide permit management services for a wide range of building and renovation projects in East Bay. Our experienced team members are aware of exactly what documentation needs to be submitted for each different proposal, making the process of identifying and organizing the paperwork as efficient as possible.

Our permit expediting services in East Bay apply to all types of construction projects, including:

  • Hotel permit Management
    • Restaurant Permit Management
    • Hospital and Medical Permit Management
    • Retail Permit Management
    • Office Permit Management
    • Mixed-Use Permit Management

As a contractor, architect or builder, you may find that obtaining a building permit in East Bay can be extremely lengthy and frustrating process. If you do not have the experience or recognize the exact documentation required for each aspect of an application, you can lose weeks or months waiting for responses from the local municipal review boards.

However, when you work with Service First Permits, you are able to take advantage of command of the East Bay permit approval process. The result? You will have experts that know exactly what information is required for your project right from the start, making filling out applications and organizing construction reports as simple as possible.

We liaise with the variety of local East Bay agencies and jurisdictional review boards that are required to secure a swift approval. By working closely with public, private and public-private institutions that will review your submission, we always stay on top of all information required before they even have to ask.

Our network of building permit professionals extends to those who are involved in approving your construction permit, including:

  • Building & Safety Boards
  • Fire Departments
  • State & Local Health Departments
  • Planning & Zoning Committees
  • Health Departments
  • Public Works
  • Building Divisions
  • Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Boards
  • Industrial Waste Boards

Permit Expediting Procedures East Bay – Electronic Building Permit Submission

In order to ensure the fast and effective building permit submission and approval in the East Bay area, Service First Permits provides an online electronic submission that makes the entire submission process much faster than the traditional method, with all necessary documents attached in one package.

Electronic submission of building permit applications in East Bay requires a different set of documents, which our team know exactly how to prepare. Once the forms have been submitted, we conduct follow-ups with the all the necessary review boards and jurisdictional approval committees in East Bay to help expedite the permitting approval process.

We take every measure possible to continuously communicate with East Bay’s public and private approval boards. If for some reason any additional information or documentation is required for your approval, our team is able to provide it quickly to help obtain the approval right away

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