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Submit Building Permits Electronically in Adams County With Service First Permits

Service First Permits is now offering nationwide permit management services through electronic submittals.

Service First Permits has been facilitating electronic submittals and reviews since 2015, and is familiar with common challenges with divisional processing of electronic submittals. Service First Permits, as the Permit Management team will oversee the electronic submittal, review and permit issuance processes to ensure your project achieves the most optimal timeline for review.

SFP has experience with the intricacies of various jurisdictions and the programs utilized for electronic submittals and permit tracking, including but not limited to:


  • Accela®
  • E-Trakit®
  • MobilEyes®
  • EnerGov®
  • CivicPlus®
  • CitizenAccess®

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Applying for an E Permit in Adams County

Building permits are required in Adams County, CO for projects involving residential and commercial buildings and structures. This includes projects involving interior or exterior alterations, renovations, repairs, or remodeling. Permits may also be required for additions to existing buildings and structures, or for other projects. The Adams County Building Department is responsible for issuing building permits, conducting inspections, and reviewing plans to ensure your project is safe, reliable, and conforms to the county’s building codes. Since the electronic application process can be an intricate process for you, we at Service First Permits can assist you by ensuring it is done right the first time.

Adam’s County Online Building Permit Application Process

The county’s building department has taken all measures to streamline the electronic permitting process for homeowners, contractors, developers, architects, and designers. There are many steps involved in the process.

E-Permit Center

The county’s E-Permit Center allows you to apply for building permits, pay fees, and upload all the documents for review. You can also receive and answer comments for your permit and review cases. The Center allows you to obtain your permits without the need to visit the Government Center.

Before you can apply for a permit, you will be required to create an E-Permit Center account. This account will allow you to:

  • Apply for permits and certain land use cases
  • Conduct permit searches and view permit details
  • Check the status of your permits and applications
  • View current/past inspections and results
  • Schedule inspection
  • Add contractor license

The plan review process for electronic building permits is conducted the same manner the standard paper submittal takes place. You can use your E-Permit Center account to keep track of your permit or case. You can also view the comments made by the plans reviewers and respond.

Building Inspections

Once a building permit has been received, the county may conduct project inspections. When you receive your permit, a Permit Inspections Requirements checklist will be provided to you. This can also include remote video inspections for buildings that are occupied.

Adam’s County Professional Permit Expediting and Management Services

The application process for building permits can be a challenging task for most homeowners, contractors, and other stakeholders. You will need professional assistance to not only expedite the process but also to ensure your application and documentation is proper and complete. At Service First Permits, we handle all aspects of the building permit process, assisting you with electronic submission. We can assist you with:

  • Implementing a permit management strategy
  • Design team coordination for producing information in a proper format
  • Submitting to the Adams County Building Department
  • Overseeing the review/permit issuance process

We provide our services to all types of clients in the region including general contractors, property managers, project managers, business owners, design professionals, architects, developers, and homeowners. Our unique services are focused on assisting our clients to save their valuable time and money. With our services, you will not have to go through all the hassles.

If you need more information about our services, feel free to contact us. Our experienced and qualified staff will be pleased to help you with the process.

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Are you looking for Permit Management Services to fit your unique project?

Complete the Client Contact form below and our team will reach out to you to customize a solution for you.
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