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Louisiana Building Permit Guide

Looking to start your next residential or commercial construction project in Louisiana? Then you need to obtain your building permits from the Louisiana Development and Transportation Board, allowing you to build anywhere in the state without risking a financial penalty.

As Louisiana’s permit pulling experts, we have developed a quick guide that offers all the information you need to know about applying for and receiving your building permit.

Which Projects Require a Louisiana Building Permit?

Nearly all residential and commercial construction projects in Louisiana will need a building permit of some sort to begin work. With a variety of building permits including Miscellaneous Permits and Building Permits, you must ensure that you have the proper approval to begin your project.

Why Do I Need a Louisiana Building Permit?

The state provides building permits in order to ensure that all construction projects have been properly zoned, planned, engineered and executed in order to meet the safety and building requirements set forth by the administration.

Not only does obtaining a building permit in Louisiana assure you that your project is compliant with all codes, failure to receive approval before beginning work can result in hefty financial penalties and delays in construction.

Types of Construction Permits in Louisiana

There are two unique types of construction permits that are offered by the Louisiana Development and Transportation Board. Each of them address the scope of specific projects, based on everything from size to dwelling to zoning factors.

Miscellaneous Permits in Louisiana

Also known as Zoning Permits, these permits only require a review of Planning and Zoning. Developed for projects that do not require a full Building Code inspection, these ‘over-the-counter’ building permits in Louisiana are generally offered for accessory structures that are under 200 square feet, under 12 feet tall and will not be habitable.

Many smaller projects including building a shed and construction in mobile home parks can make use of a miscellaneous permit, which are much easier and faster to obtain.

Building Permits in Louisiana

The most common construction permits in the state, building permits are required for any habitable construction project over 200 square feet or 12 feet tall. They are also required for garages, decks and major remodeling projects in which structural changes will be made to the property. 

All building permits in Louisiana require Planning and Zoning review, Building Code review, and Building inspections, making the approval process longer that Miscellaneous Permits.

The building permits encompass a wide range of trade-oriented permits as well, including:

  • Electrical (and photovoltaic commercial and residential permits)
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Re-roof/Re-siding
  • Demolition
  • Foundation Compliance

Applying for a Building Permit in Louisiana

Louisiana has developed an online application process that allows homeowners, contractors and permit pulling services to submit all the information for their project. 

The process of applying for a building permit requires all the information ranging from zoning to engineering to trade-specific (electrical, plumbing, roofing, etc.) to be gathered and arranged in a manner that allows the board to easily review, then conduct an on-site inspection.

For those who have never submitted a building permit application in Louisiana, the process can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Many homeowners do not understand the exact documentation that is required or how to present it, leading to denials of the original submission. This can result in delays of over one month to get your project started, costing you both time and money on your construction project.

We highly recommend that you consult with a building permit service in Louisiana to ensure that you have all the correct documentation to receive an approval as quickly as possible.

How Long Does a Louisiana Building Permit Approval Take?

The building permit review process can vary in length depending on a number of factors including the size of the project, the scope of the work, zoning requirements and more.

In order to reduce the time that it takes to receive your building permit approval, you can work with a building permit expediter in Louisiana. As specialists who understand exactly what the review board is looking for, how to prepare the application and submit everything required, you can save weeks (as well as the stress of gathering documents) by using a service.

Louisiana’s Building Permit Experts

Save time, money and stress on your next construction or renovation project by working with the permit pulling specialists! Service First Permits has worked closely with the review board to help clients of all industries receive their building permits in Louisiana faster and easier than ever.

Discover how our years of experience in permit pulling will ensure that you have all the documentation you need on your first submission by contacting us today for your free building permit consultation.

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