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Service First Permits provides complete building and construction permit management services.  General contractors, builders, architects, design professionals, business owners, landlords and residential home owners can experience improved work flow and optimal expense estimation without the headache of working with  local jurisdictions for new builds and remodels.  Our services allow clear and fast communication between public and private sectors ensuring timely approval of  all building permits. 

Our Permit Consulting and Management Services Can Help

Restaurant Owners

Tailored due diligent strategy for all types of restaurant remolding, construction and renovation.

Hotel Developers

Complete and compliant submittial to all proper agencies. Never lose time and money while waiting on a permit again. 

Residential, Mixed Use and Ground Up Developers

Entire review process oversite. We monitor all aspects of the permit approval process.

Medical Construction and Remolding

Timely status updates through out the entire process. You will know when to expect permits and how to plan your projects efficiently.

Here at Service First Permits we work directly with clients across the Front Range area of Colorado providing first class permit consulting expediting and management services. Over the years we have formed close relationships with local municipal agencies and jurisdictions needed for a comprehensive approval.These agencies include public, private, and public-private partnerships.

  • Building & Safety
  • Fire Department
  • State & Local Health Department
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Health Department
  • Public Works
  • Building Divisions
  • Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Boards
  • Industrial Waste

Its Easy and Simple

We do all of the leg work for you. Just give us the details of your project and we will make sure your building and construction permits are submitted and issued on time.

Building Permits Services In Fort Collins Colorado

Whether you are installing a new air conditioning system, adding a new room, replacing a roof, or repairing the HVAC, you need to get a permit from the local building department. Not getting permits can attract fines and penalties, which can be very expensive. Fortunately, the Fort Collins’ building department does its best to make sure the permit application and approval process are as straightforward as it can be.

What Are Building Permits?

Building permits are documents that prove your renovation, construction, or repair plans live up to local building codes. They are a way for the city’s government to control the quality of construction, ensuring every building within city limits is safe for its residents. Property owners, builders, and other such stakeholders must acquire a permit before they start working on a project.

Different regions have different requirements when it comes to the permit application process. It also changes from time to time, so you must look at the department’s website to make sure you have current information.

When Do You Need Permits?

Most property owners are unsure whether they need permits for their renovation, repair, or installation project. Here’s a look at some of the circumstances in which you will need permits:

  • Demolishing parts or entire sections of a property.
  • Repairing or altering an existing structure.
  • Adding new structures like rooms, offices, large decks, patios, etc.
  • Constructing new structures like garages, homes, cabins, swimming pools, mobile or modular homes, agricultural buildings, etc.
  • Installing commercial or residential decks that are more than 30” above ground.
  • Fireplace or wood stove installations.
  • Fences taller than six feet.
  • Installing or replacing air conditioning units.
  • Installing or replacing heating systems.
  • Gas line or propane tank installation or replacement.
  • Water heater installation or placement.
  • Installing temporary or permanent signs.
  • Replacing or installing siding.
  • Roof repairs and re-roofing of areas more than 100 sq feet.
  • Installing or replacing retaining walls of more than 4 feet.
  • Solar panel systems.
  • Fire alarms and sprinkler systems.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, and you need to contact the building department or consult with an expert to determine whether your project requires a permit. You can also get Miscellaneous Permits for relatively small and simple projects like minor plumbing work, fireplace installation, gas log inserts, etc.

When is Building Permit Not Required?

Some repairs and installations don’t need permits because they don’t compromise the overall integrity of a property. Here’s a look at these exemptions:

  • Finishing work like painting, cabinet installation, tilling, installing countertops, decoration, etc.
  • Installing or replacing fences less than six feet tall.
    Residential decks that are less than 30” above grade level.
  • Small structures like sheds and storage spaces with less than 120 sq ft storage area.
  • Replacing windows (applies only for the same size or smaller replacements).
    Roof repairs that don’t exceed a 100 sq ft area.
  • Driveway, sidewalk, and other concrete flatwork installations.
  • Drywall replacement or repair.
  • Insulation replacement or repair.
  • Structures with more than 67% of the area open.

It is still a good idea to speak with an expert to confirm whether your project requires approval from the local building department. Rules regarding exemptions can change if the department finds cause for it.

Application Process and Fees

The application requirements vary from one project type to another, which is why it is a good idea to contact the city’s building department directly for more information. The permit counter staff will provide detailed information and some handouts that you can use to prepare an accurate application.

All forms are available online, and the information you need to fill them is also mentioned on the building department’s website. Fort Collins residents can apply online by registering on the site. Registration lets you submit applications, schedule or cancel inspections, search for permits, and look for information on zoning, project class type, project name, etc. Here’s a look at the fee breakdown:

Building permit fees in Fort Collins

  • Plan review fees
  • Plumbing and heating permit fees
  • Plan re-submittal and re-inspection fees
  • Wildfire site assessment fee
  • Document imaging fees for residential and commercial plans

The fees vary depending on the valuation of the property. If the cost of the repairs or installation ranges from $1 to $1,200, you need to pay $49.69 for the permit application. The permit fees are higher for projects with a higher valuation. Other permits and application expenses can include inspection outside regular business hours, re-inspection, additional plan reviews, mountain area fees, and others.

Owners and builders can get a more detailed fee breakdown by contacting the permit counter or asking an expert.

Permit Application Process

Owners can apply for permits online or visit the building department with their application packet. There’s a dedicated counter for drop-up and pick-up at the office. Staff members are trained to offer advice and answer questions. Here’s a look at the application process:

Owners must submit all the required forms along with other construction documents and multiple copies of plans. The requirements differ from project to project, so it is best to consult with experts before submitting a packet.
Pay the building permit fee and a portion of the plan review fee when you submit the packet.
Experts from the building department will carefully examine all material provided before assessing the plan. They will check for compliance issues, design flaws, code violations, and other such problems.
If the plans are sound and all information provided is accurate, the department will issue a permit.
If there are any errors, the department will send the plans back with checks and corrections. Owners must correct all the mistakes and reassess their plan carefully before resubmitting it.

Permits are only valid for a limited time. You will have to go through the application process once again if the permit expires, which is time-consuming and expensive, so you need to start working on the project quickly.

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