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Streamlining the Permitting Process

Service First Permits permit expediters have an in-depth understanding of the local permit requirements based on the jurisdiction. They provide streamlined permit services to engineers, architects, and business owners on the approval of their project timelines.

Some of the key duties of a permit expediter are as follows:

  • Perform due diligence that outlines the permit requirements and codes
  • Filing documentation with the building, health, and fire departments
  • Assisting you in understanding the permit process
  • Advising on interaction with the city officials
  • Assisting with any revisions that may be required
  • Communicating with your project’s plans examiners

A permit expediter will act as a facilitator while helping you gain a better understanding of your city’s local zoning and building codes. They can also help you understand how officials may interpret your project.

SFP has experience with the intricacies of various jurisdictions and the programs utilized for electronic submittals and permit tracking, including but not limited to:

  • Accela®
  • E-Trakit®
  • MobilEyes®
  • EnerGov®
  • CivicPlus®
  • CitizenAccess®

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What is a Permit Expediter & How Do They Benefit You?

A permit expediter is a well-trained and experienced professional that offers advice on the permitting process to keep your construction project on schedule. Such a professional will usually have a background in construction, planning, architecture, or real estate. They have many years of experience working with local zoning requirements and compliance codes. They guide in the areas of plan check process, ADA, and entitlements among others.

Benefits of Hiring the Services of a Permit Expediter

Project delays translate into increased costs. A permit expediter will help you navigate the permitting process in a streamlined and quick manner, helping you keep the costs down. They achieve this using the following methods:

  • Reducing the frequency of plan checks
  • Using existing connections with jurisdictions to gain information faster
  • Negotiating faster review times

An important thing these professionals can do to limit the frequency of plan rechecks is by ensuring the application and plans are correct from the very beginning. They can determine the applicable jurisdictions. This allows them to determine the applicable codes and zoning requirements for the scope of work and make respective revisions to the application. They can negotiate faster review times.

Leveraging their Experience & Existing Relationships

Permit expediters spend enough time at local jurisdictions to practically know everyone in the departments. They frequent regularly with jurisdiction representatives and city officials. This gives them some leverage in communicating quicker than others. Thus, they are able to access information faster and communicate with you.

When to Hire a Permit Expediter?

Construction developers, project managers, and other stakeholders hiring services of a permit expediter can quickly realize the returns from their decision. The right time to hire their services is before your project begins. It will help you save the amount of time the project manager will spend researching documentation requirements and the permitting process.

Project managers and architects may be able to handle the permitting process themselves. However, a permit expediter has an edge in this regard. They have professional expertise in navigating the complex details of the permit process. Modern-day permitting expediters have multi-disciplinary qualifications and expertise in the areas of zoning, real estate development, and building code interpretation.

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