CVS Permit Project

CVS Pharmacy Denver CO

Location:  1900 18th St, Denver, CO 80202

Project Team : Warman Design Group, RH Sweers II Architecture, BC Engineers, Project Builders Inc.

Scope: Interior tenant finish for new retail tenant for multiple locations.

Scope of Work : New retail location in first-generation space, with event and patio space for food & alcohol sales.

Permit Strategy : Zoning Use Permit, Commercial Construction Permit, Sewer Use and Drainage Permit


Service First Permits saved my project from losing its Zoning Permit and Operational License due to the GC dropping the ball on some inspections that were needed for our CO. Their team was very knowledgeable and extremely responsive to the needs of the project. Their expertise in maneuvering through the building department saved me a ton of time. Money well spent!
Judy Vukas

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