Everything You Need to Know About Pulling Roofing Permits in Colorado Springs

When it’s time to upgrade, repair or build a new roof in Colorado Springs, you have to make sure that you get the right permits for the job. To do so, you will have to work with the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) to receive an approval, as they are the governing body for everything related to building codes in El Paso County.

Whether you are a roofing contractor or simply a homeowner that would like to undertake any type of roofing project, the PPRBD’s job is to make sure that you meet the regulations and standards that have been set out by the county.

Homeowners Pulling Roofing Permits

When Is a Roofing Permit in Colorado Springs Necessary?

Anytime a roof is installed or repaired that is larger than 100 square feet, a roofing permit must be obtained before starting the project. Failure to secure the proper permit for your roof can lead to penalties ranging from the project being put on hold to paying a fine to the county.

Roofing permits can be pulled in El Paso County by both the homeowner or a contractor, depending on who will be working on the roof.

If you are the owner of a residential property and would like to receive approval to being working on your roof, you are able to secure the permit yourself. There are several guidelines that you must meet in order to receive the permit yourself, such as:

-You must perform and complete the project yourself
-You must currently live at the property
-You must agree to have read, understand and work within the roofing code

If you meet all of the criteria, then you will be able to pull a roofing permit in Colorado Springs by presenting an application of your project with all the construction or repair details to the PPRBD.

Contractors Pulling Roofing Permits

Any contractor that regularly works on roofs within the county should understand the importance of receiving a roofing permit before undertaking a new project. To be eligible to pull a roofing permit in Colorado Springs as a contractor, there are a set of specific conditions you must meet, including:

-You must register and receive a valid roofing license from both the PPRBD and the State of Colorado

-You must be currently registered and in good standing with the PPRBD You must have gone through the vetting process as a registered roofer

Once you have satisfied all the conditions as a registered roofing company in both the state and the county, you can pull roofing permits as necessary for your jobs.

How Much Does It Cost to Pull a Roofing Permit in Colorado Springs?

The roofing permit process costs approximately $140 in total. This fee includes the application, the property inspection and the issuing of the permit by the PPRBD.

If there are any outside circumstances which cause the roofing job to be more complex or require additional documentation, then it is possible that pulling the permit could have additional expenses to cover more inspections by the county.

What are the Penalties of Not Getting a Roofing Permit in Colorado Springs?

If you fail to secure a roofing permit before you begin construction or repair, the county can impose several different penalties against you. Depending on the circumstances, working on a roofing project without the proper permits can result in:

-The roofing project being stopped immediately
-Paying a fine to the county of up to three times the permit cost
-Possible problems of selling the home until a permit is obtained and a roof inspection completed

When is a Roofing Project Considered to be Started?

From the moment that you begin stocking the roofing materials on the property that is being worked on, the PPRBD deems a roofing project to have began. This means that if you buy the materials for your proposed roofing job and take them home (or to the client’s home for contractors) without receiving the permit, you risk facing the penalties.

What Are the Fire Rating Materials for Roofing Permits in Colorado Springs?

Throughout all of El Paso County, there is now a requirement that Class A fire rated roofing materials are necessary in order to receive your permit. This requirement is due to the fact that many homes are located in areas which are heavily forested, leading to the possibility of wildfires that can severely damage homes.

How Long Does it take to Pull Roofing Permits in Colorado Springs?

Receiving a roofing permit from the PPRBD can vary anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the scope of the project, the documents presented and how busy the review board are during the time of submission.

If your original application is lacking any required documents or the review board requests more information before issuing a permit, there could be additional delays of up to two more weeks. For this reason, it is recommended that you work with an experienced roof permit pulling service in Colorado Springs that will help you prepare the application in advance, so you can guarantee that it will be approved upon first review.

Why Work with a Colorado Springs Permit Management and Expediting Service?

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor looking for a roofing permit, it is advised that you work with an experience permit pulling service in El Paso County. Not only does the knowledge of the application process save you time and potentially money, it also removes any stress or doubt you may have about getting the project started on time.

If you want professional guidance for Colorado Spring’s best permit consulting service, contact us today to schedule a consultation for your project now!