Everything You Need to Know About Building Permits in San Bruno

Every homeowner, contractor and anyone looking to begin a construction project in San Bruno, California must go through the building permit process in order to receive approval from the San Bruno Building Division.

The division is dedicated to ensuring that everything from residential to commercial construction projects have the correct San Bruno building permits. Having the proper permit ensures safe, secure compliance with the San Bruno municipal code.

Who Needs a Building Permit in San Bruno?

All those undertaking a commercial or residential renovation, construction or development project have to receive a building permit from the San Bruno municipality. Depending on the size and style of the project, there are different permitting requirements that must be met.

Projects that include elements of plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and structural changes all require permits. Additional projects including repairs, additions, alterations, conversions, demolitions, as well as changes in occupancy will require some form of building permit to be compliant with both local and state laws.

No matter what type of construction project you are beginning, you must make sure that you receive the proper approval and correct building permits in San Bruno to avoid costly penalties.

Applying for a Building Permit in San Bruno

The San Bruno Building Division has set forth a four-step process for obtaining a building permit in San Bruno. This general protocol for building permits applies to nearly all construction projects in the municipality

  1. San Bruno Building Application
    The building permit application process begins by having to submit the permit application that includes drawn plans for what is planned. Three sets of plans are typically required for a San Bruno building permit application. These plans must be submitted to the board at the Building Counter in City Hall
  2. Plan Review
    The municipal Building Division will then review your plans for the construction project and verify that they are in accordance with the building, zoning and fire codes of the city. If any changes are necessary or the board has questions about your application, they will contact you for more information approximately two weeks after receiving the application.
  3. San Bruno Building Permit Approval
    Once the review board is satisfied with your application and plans, they will issue you a building permit approval that you must keep available at all times when working on your project.
  4. Property Inspection
    After your building permit has been issued, your project will be visited by an inspector at least once during its duration. The inspection will ensure that the project is being built in accordance with the approved plans, keeping the property safe and compliant with city codes.

San Bruno Building Permit Fees

The City of San Bruno has set forth a fee schedule for building permits which begin at just $41 and scale to $1,015 depending on the size and scope of the project. There are additional fees for permits relating to specific aspects of a project, such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical and more.

These permit fees start at $50 per issuance, with additional costs added one for each element that must be approved and inspected.

Rooftop Solar Permits in San Bruno

With green energy becoming more common in California, the process to obtain a building permit in San Bruno for solar panels has become an over-the-counter process. This means that you still much fill out a full building permit application, however you can receive the solar panel permit the same day if everything is approved immediately.

Once you have received the approved permit, you can begin the installation of your rooftop solar system in San Bruno. There will be at least one inspection required per approval, with the potential for several needed for larger residential and commercial systems.

Over-the-Counter Building Permits in San Bruno

Aside from rooftop solar panels, there are a variety of other over-the-counter building permits available from the San Bruno Building Division. These are reserved for smaller residential projects, mainly those that do not include electrical, plumbing and mechanical work.

Projects that include building a small shed in the backyard, a fence around your property and minor renovations are eligible for over-the-counter San Bruno building permits.

Working with a San Bruno Permit Expediter

With building applications required for all construction projects, a majority of homeowners do not understand what plans and documentation are required for approval. When you submit a building application that lacks the proper information you risk having the review board come back to you for more information.

This can delay the start of your construction project by weeks, leaving you behind on your schedule and having to pay extra for contractors that you have already hired.

By working with a professional San Bruno permit expediter, Service First Permits has already established a relationship with those on the municipal review board. This means that if there is any extra information required your building permit approval, they can quickly get in touch with those on the board and provide the necessary information.

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