Your Guide to San Mateo Building Permits

Understanding building permit laws, rules and regulations is critical to the success of any upcoming construction project. Whether you are building a home, renovating your property or developing commercial, you must abide by all the San Mateo building permit procedures in order to receive the proper approvals and documentation.

Here is a guide that will help you navigate the entire construction permit application process in San Mateo, California.

Who Needs a San Mateo Building Permit?

As a homeowner, contractor, developer or builder in San Mateo, it is a responsibility to ensure that every construction project that undertaken is done in accordance with municipal and state building codes. Ranging from full construction projects to trade-specific work such as electrical and plumbing, there are a variety of building permits that may be required.

The City of San Mateo’s building permitting laws are based on the California Business Codes, as well as additional guidelines that are set by the San Mateo Planning Division.

Applying for a Construction Permit in San Mateo

In order to be eligible for a building permit in San Mateo, you must gather all the required documentation and submit your application to the City of San Mateo Building Division. This can be done in person, as well as by downloading the Building Permit Application online.

The procedure of applying for a construction permit requires all the plans ranging from zoning to engineering to trade work to be arranged in an application that lets the board thoroughly review and conduct a building inspection.

For those who have never submitted a building permit application in San Mateo, it can be difficult to navigate the process. Homeowners that do not have experience with the exact documentation that is required may have their initial submission declined due to missing information. This can result in delays of over one month to get your project started, costing you both time and money on your construction project.

If you want to ensure that your construction permit is approved quickly, we encourage you to consult with a professional building permit service in San Mateo, so you know you will have the proper documentation from the start.

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How long do San Mateo Building Permit Approvals Take?

San Mateo’s Building Division will take roughly 2 to 4 weeks to review a full building permit application. As the size and complexity of the project factor into the review time, residential construction permits in San Mateo take closer to two weeks, while residential development and commercial projects will be closer to one month.

If your permit is not approved on the first review due to missing documentation or additional information being required, it can set the approval process back several weeks.

Types of Building Permits in San Mateo

The city’s Planning Division offers distinct types of construction permits in San Mateo depending on the needs of each applicant. Selecting the right building permit for your application will save you both time and stress during the permitting process.

Residential Construction Permits in San Mateo

The most used construction permits are residential, which are needed to build or remodelling of any homes in the city. Any projects that you would hire a contractor or tradesperson to complete usually need a permit from the city council. For smaller residential projects, there are Express Building Permits in San Mateo.

San Mateo Express Building Permits

The San Mateo Building Division provides several over-the-counter building permits, which are reserved for smaller residential projects, mainly those that do not include electrical, plumbing and mechanical work.

If you are planning a small-scale construction project that does not require the review of construction plans or drawings, then you may be eligible to receive an Express Building Permit in San Mateo. This means that you can get an approval within 24 hours, allowing you to begin working on your project within one day of submission.

Here are a list of all eligible express permits that can be issued:

Repair/Replacement of Stucco
Repair/Replacement of Siding
Small Animals & Fowl (Chicken and Bee Hive Keeping Annual Permits)
Electrical Service Upgrades
Temporary Power Pole
Furnace Replacement
Water Heater Replacement
Sewer Line Replacement
Waterline Replacement

Commercial Construction Permits in San Mateo

If you will be completing a business or a multifamily dwelling construction project, then there are a unique set of guidelines which fall under the commercial construction permit. The codes differ from residential permits as there are a wide range of additional safety and zoning regulations that must be followed.

Working with San Mateo Building Permit Experts

If you want to begin a new building project in the city of San Mateo but want to be sure that you are aware and compliant with all their construction regulations, then Service First Permits are ready to assist you.

As specialists in submitting construction permits and permit expediting, our team will navigate through the San Mateo building permit process so that you can begin your next project as quickly and stress-free as possible.

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