Building Permits help local governments ensure all buildings constructed with in their local jurisdiction are safe and meet updated building codes. All residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects require building permit.

Unfortunately, the application process is very time consuming, sometimes delaying a project by several weeks. That’s why we at Service First Permits, encourage people to consider hiring a permit management company. Here’s a look at some benefits of working with such an establishment:

Expediting the Building Permit Process

A permit management company’s goal is not only to get through a building permit application process as quickly but also to guide the client through their entire construction process. Here at Service First Permits, we are familiar with all aspects of the the process. The first step is to ensure your application package doesn’t have any errors. Experienced project managers comb through your application carefully, correcting all mistakes as they go. Out project managers meticulously study all building building plans and coordinated with design team professionals ensuring all plans are up to date and free of errors.

These precautions reduce the chances of plans coming back with checks. As an experienced permit management company, we have experts on hand to help during the design development process. We make sure every aspect of your design complies with local building code requirements.

Monitor and Help with Plan Checks

Sometimes errors can slip through the cracks, which leads to plan checks, these can include code violations or design errors noticed by government experts during a plan assessment process. Applicants must correct all errors before resubmitting their package.

Plan checks don’t often happen if you’re working with a permit management company. We do our best to ensure all designs are error-free. However, if something does slip our notice, we rectify it quickly. Our experts study all correction requests carefully, looking at the related code section for confirmation. They also go through all the plans again to ensure there are no errors.

Being thorough at this point helps save both time and money. It also enables clients to avoid problems during inspections. Issues can crop up during construction, despite going through a thorough permit application process. For example, your project can fail the post plumbing rough-in inspection because of code violations. We help you avoid plans or permit-related delays later.

Monitoring all Stages of the Permit Application Process

Permit management companies maintain close ties with local building departments. They’re familiar with the process, staff, and different departments, which helps them keep a keen eye on a permit approval process. Expediters can respond to information requests, plan corrections, and other such concerns quickly.

Our ability to quickly make inquiries regarding unexpected delays ensure building permits are issued within a reasonable period. Once a permit is approved, applicants need to pick it up within a set time frame. If this period lapses, you’ll have to go through an application process once again. We pick up approved permits as scheduled and deliver them to you promptly.

What are the different kinds of permits needed during construction ?

Different kinds of projects require different plans. Building code requirements for retail spaces are not the same as residential property requirements. This makes a permit application process a little more complicated.

Working with a permit management company can ease your burden. We have worked on many unique projects and understand the requirements for projects in a wide range of categories. Here’s a look at what we can do:

  • Retail Permits
  • Mixed-Use or Ground Up permits
  • Food and Drink Establishments
  • Office Spaces
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Medical Centers
  • Institutional Occupancy Projects

No matter what kind of construction project you have, we can help. Clients only have to provide their plans and paperwork. Our team will guide you through every aspect of the application process.

How We Help With Work on Complex Permit Projects.

Some projects are simple in design. Things like small room additions or a single floor family home are approved quickly. Complicated plans like multi-floor commercial space or a massive industrial complex require more time. These have a longer permit application process, need multiple copies of the plans, interviews with building department experts, special forms, etc.

People who don’t know much about this process end up facing numerous delays and waste a lot of money on re-submissions. Working with a permit management company can help you avoid unnecessary costs while saving some time. We collaborate with reliable experts in the field to ensure your application is accurate. Our team will contact people with experience. For example, if you’re building retail space, we will reach out to a designer who has already worked on retail properties before for consultation on the permit application process.

What Types of Businesses Can a Permit Management Company Help?

Permit management companies work with different kinds of clients and understand their unique requirements. A project management company will tailor their service according to the client’s needs. We have worked with:

  • General contractors
  • Construction project managers
  • Architectural firms
  • Business owners
  • Commercial property managers
  • Residential builders

Residential builders have different requirements from business owners. We consider our client’s priorities while creating a plan of approach for permit application.

What Is The Difference Between a Permit Expediter and a Permit Management Company?

Some permit expediters don’t offer comprehensive service. They will help file all the required paperwork at the local building department, however most of their services stop there. Permit management companies provide help filing paperwork, help clients research, prepare plans that comply with local building codes, double-check every aspect of an application package, and so much more.

Permit management companies do expedite the permit process in addition to helping clients through all phases of construction. We are here to help your next project operate smoothly with the local government.

We provide an accurate timeline for permit approval. You will have all the required documentation in hand within this timeline. For example, if our expediter says an application will take two months, you can be sure it’ll be done within that time. This includes everything from research to permit retrieval.

If you want to know more about the process or wish to consult with Service First Permits, don’t hesitate to reach out. Their team will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get permits quickly.