Who We Are

Service First Permits (SFP) is a Team of professional consultants who create a comprehensive strategy for the Construction Permit Management process.  Our team is comprised of individuals with a variety of education, management, and experience in city development. We offer an eye for detail, thorough communication, and expert knowledge of the submittal and review process. 

What We Do

SFP provides high quality and personalized Construction Permit Management services. Specializing in project submittal, complete oversight of the review process, and correspondence between the Public and Private Sector, SFP sets out to secure construction permits on time and within budget.


SFP specializes in both Commercial and Residential construction permitting. This includes, commercial ground-up construction, office tenant finish, interior improvements, and nearly anything in between. As experts in communication, coordination, and preparation of detailed information, the SFP Team is able to provide distinguished service for this specific niche of the construction process.

Our Clients

Our clients include developers, design professionals, contractors, property managers, and business owners. By acting as an intermediary, SFP is able to efficiently work through busy city & county offices to relieve clients of the hassle; saving them time and resources they are able to devote to other pertinent aspects of the project.