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Building and Construction Permit Expediting Services

Welcome to Service First Permits, your premier resource for managing the permit submitting, execution and over site process. We oversee and expedite the entire permitting process from planning, to building to completion. Service First Permits is a leading permit expediting company saving small businesses and large construction firms time and resources since 2009. We supply building permit expediting services in San Francisco California and the surrounding bay areas, as well as permit expediting services throughout the Front Range of Colorado.
Service First Permits tracks the project through the entire municipal review process, coordinates re-submittal information for all construction disciplines and resubmits response items to various municipal agencies helping to save companies valuable resources throughout the construction process. The oversight that Service First Permits offers individuals, businesses and corporations results in a structured review process which translates into an expedited permit issuance. Here at Service First Permits we collect the construction permit (or agency approval) and distribute pertinent documentation personally to the client or the GC on record. The process is considered by many to be efficient, thorough, accurate and precise. We are able to minimize regulatory review timelines, helping to improve timeliness on the date that the permit is issued.

Helping Companies Manage the Permitting Process

Here at Service First Permits we specialize in office tenant finish, retail construction, and residential construction permits. Our process makes new projects seamless and timely. We guarantee the due diligence and knowledge of Colorado and California municipal application requirements, procedures and timelines. We work personally and directly with public sector reviewers and design professionals shortening the review process. We meet all municipal requirements during the permitting process.
The clients we work with include both small and large general contractors, architecture and design firms, building management companies, as well as various business entrepreneurs seeking efficiency through the permit process. Our network is extensive and over time, we have created strong connections with Colorado and California municipal agency contacts. This, in turn, works to help us streamline the permit review process of projects throughout the Colorado and California areas.

Electronic Permit Submittal Management

US commercial building construction is a $143B industry comprised of over 63,000 businesses employing 1.6M. The industry grows at over 6% per year. While the industry continues to grow and technical progress allows for the advancement in the design and construction of new buildings, the review process has gone largely unchanged since the adoption of regional model building code standards in the early 1900s – applying for a permit; producing multiple paper copies of large plan sets; awaiting for municipal regulatory review agencies to review the plans with no knowledge of their progress; iterations back and forth of comment and response that include the production of even more paper plans; until finally the permit is approved and issued.

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