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Everything You Need to Know About The Permit Expediting Process Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

 You need permits from the local Department of Building if you intend to start a construction, repair, or renovation project. Permits are a safety net to ensure all buildings in the community are safe to use and constructed according to the latest code requirements. Unfortunately, the application process isn’t entirely stress-free. While the department tries to keep it as streamlined as possible, the assessment can drag on for weeks.Service First Permits – San Francisco Building Permit Expediter can make things easier for you with their expedition services. 

When Do You Need Permits?

Almost all construction, renovation, and extensive repair projects require permits. If you add anything to your property without approval from the local authority, that feature will be illegal and you’ll face penalties. Here’s a look at some projects that need permission:

Kitchen or Bathroom installation or remodels 

Room additions or extensions (including sunrooms)

Roof installation 

HVAC installation 

Water heater installation 

Fence and retaining wall construction

Patios, decks, gazebos, or arbors installation 

Spas and pools construction

Garages and large sheds

Siding repair of any kind

Generator installation 

Furnace installation 


Solar panels

Professional expediters are familiar with the local building code and department requirements. They will know whether your project requires permits and make all the necessary arrangements.

A Look At The Permit Application Process

The application process varies from one state to another. It’s always a good idea to visit the Department of Building’s website for their specific requirements. Here’s a brief look at how to apply:

The department needs attested copies of the construction or renovation plan. These copies are sent to various departments to determine whether they comply with the building code.

The builder/owner needs to fill out the permit application and Q/A forms. The information provided here should be accurate and current.

Once the packet has all the required paperwork, the owner can submit it to their local building department along with the required fee.

The department will send the plans to various experts and different departments for checking and approval. If the plan has no errors, the permit will be approved within 2 to 4 weeks. 

If the blueprint has errors, the department will return the package along with plan check notes. These notes will list all of the code violations in the design. 

The builder/owner must correct the errors and make sure there are no code violations before resubmitting the application. 

 As you can see, there are several steps in the entire application process. In many instances, builders/owners are forced to make several trips to the department or resubmit the application repeatedly before getting the permit. Experts at Service First Permits are familiar with the application process here in San Francisco. They have worked for the building department for several years and know how to communicate with them. With their help, you can get your plan approved in the first try, and without facing any significant delays.

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