WeWork Permit Project

Yeti Denver CO

Location:  3030 E 2nd Ave Suite 101, Denver, CO 80206

Project Team : Interior Architects, MBH Architecture, Burns & McDonnell, Saunders Construction

Scope of Work : Permitted over 500,000 square feet of Office TI, 29 floors, and 10 locations along the Colorado Front Range.

Permit Strategy : Pre-application meetings with City officials to review high-occupancy floor plates, permitted in phases to fit construction timeline for, full-floor office TI, new connecting stairs, fireproofing, deferred Fire submittals, administrative-modifications, modifications submittals after permit issuance. Assistance with inspections resolution and obtaining a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy.


Service First Permits saved my project from losing its Zoning Permit and Operational License due to the GC dropping the ball on some inspections that were needed for our CO. Their team was very knowledgeable and extremely responsive to the needs of the project. Their expertise in maneuvering through the building department saved me a ton of time. Money well spent!
Judy Vukas

Finding the right solution for a new multi use commercial building

When it comes to starting a new construction project, the process of securing permits and approvals can be time-consuming and confusing. To streamline this process, hiring a permit management company like Service First Permits can prove to be a smart investment.

A permit management company has the expertise and experience to navigate the different regulations and zoning requirements that could potentially slow down or even derail a construction project. Service First Permits knows exactly how to work with local governments, design review boards and other stakeholder groups to ensure that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained in a timely manner.

By engaging a permit management company, you can focus on running your construction project and leave the permitting process to the experts. This can help improve overall communication and efficiency, leading to a smoother and faster approval process. Moreover, Service First Permits can help identify and address any issues or obstacles early on in the process, saving valuable time, money and resources.

Service First Permits is a valuable resource

If you’re looking to start a new construction project, consider hiring a permit management company to ensure that you stay on track for a timely and successful completion. By partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced permit management company like Service First Permits, you’ll be able to streamline the permitting process and stay within budget.

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