Building Plans Expediting and Construction Permit Management Services in Sausalito

We provide complete building and construction permit management services for general contractors, builders, architects, design professionals, business owners, landlords and residential home owners.  Our services allow clear and fast communication between public and private sectors ensuring timely approval of  all building permits. 

We work with agencies in both the public and private sector. We have created strong partnerships with local agencies in the following areas.

  • Building and Safety
  • Fire Departments
  • State and Local Health Departments
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Health Departments
  • Public Works
  • Building Divisions
  • Board of Adjustments
  • Design Review Board
  • Industrial Waste

Its Easy and Simple

We do all of the leg work for you. Just give us the details of your project and we will make sure your building and construction permits are submitted and issued on time.

Learn the Requirements for Local Building and Construction Permits in Sausalito California.

Are Building and Construction Permits Necessary in Sausalito?

A building permit is a way for the local governments to ensure all buildings in their region are safe to use. You need it for new construction, renovations, room additions, major repairs, and other such projects. If the project affects the structural elements of the property, it needs a permit.

Every city has a different process and requirements, which is why it is a good idea to hire an expediter to help you. Service First Permits provides expert services and honest advice on all aspects of the application.

Certain projects and minor repairs are exempt from permits, but it is always a good idea to double-check. If you’re not sure whether any exemptions apply to your project, check with the Sausalito Department of Building for additional information. Here’s a list of projects that require permits:

  • Kitchen extension, renovation, or addition
  • Bathroom installation, extension, or renovation
  • Roof replacement and repair
  • Room expansion or addition
  • Solar panel installation
  • Spa or pool installation
  • Garage or large shed construction
  • Water heater replacement or installation
  • HVAC installation
  • Skylight installation
  • Siding repair
  • Gas line or appliance installation

These are just some of the projects that require approval from local governments. An expediter can help you determine whether you need it. They can also help navigate the process and ensure there are no errors in the application packet.

Am I Exempt from obtaining a building permit in Sausalito?

Some repairs and additions don’t require permits in Sausalito. If your project includes any item mentioned below, you can start working directly:

  • One-story structure with no more than 120 sq ft of floor space. Buildings like small tool sheds, playhouses, storage spaces, etc. are exempt.
  • Fences less than 6 feet in height.
  • Finishing work like painting, tiling, cabinet installation, countertop installation, papering, etc.
  • Driveways, sidewalks, footpaths less than 30 inches above the grade.
  • Prefabricated swimming pools that are no more than 24 inches deep and can hold only 5,000 gallons of water.
  • Retaining walls that aren’t more than 4 feet high from the bottom of the footing to the top.

These are some of the exemptions, and there’s no need to submit applications for them. However, it is still essential to follow the standards established by the building code to ensure every installation is structurally sound.

What is the Permit Application Process in Sausalito CA?

The Sausalito department website provides clear instructions about the application process. Here’s a brief look at what you need to do:

  • The application forms are available at the City Hall. You can either pick them up or request the department to send the forms by mail.
  • Fill the forms carefully and make sure all the information is accurate. Errors can lead to the packet being sent back.
  • Applicants need to send 6 copies of the plans in their package. All of the copies need to have the required information. The building, fire safety, planning, engineering, and sewer departments will get one plan copy each for review.
  • The department has specific size requirements to ensure the application and information provided in all plans are consistent. Make the designs at least ¼” per foot in scale, and the site plans 1/8th per foot in scale.
  • The minimum sheet size is 11″x7,” and the maximum sheet size is 24”x36”. All plan sheets need to be equal in size and should contain the same information.
  • You need to include at least two copies of specifications, calculations, reports, and other such relevant documents.
  • Only include information that is relevant to the project and makes sure everything is concise.
  • Add a floor plan for every floor and clearly label all rooms.
  • The site plan should include a land survey, erosion control solutions, and building elevations.
  • The pack must contain structural drawings for the floor, foundations, roof, wall framing, and deck.
  • Stairway, handrail, and guardrail details.
  • Information about the electrical panels, outlets, lights, and switches.
  • Paying the permit fee is the final step of the application process.

The Sausalito Department of Building doesn’t have an online application system in place, which can make the process a little more time-consuming. Hiring a professional permit expediter can handle the process so you can focus on more relevant matters.

How Long does it Take to Have a Permit Application Approved in Sausalito?

The plans are sent off to different departments so that qualified professionals can evaluate them. The professionals will check for code violations and related problems. If they don’t find any issues, they will send the application back to the building department with their stamp of approval. You should get the permit as soon as the approval comes through.

If the experts do find something off with the plans, they will point out the errors and request a plan check. You will need to correct the errors before resubmitting the plans and pay the fees once again.

Why should you hire a permit expediter/manager in Sausalito?

Hiring a professional permit management company has several benefits and will allow you to focus on other aspects of the project. Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits of getting professional assistance:Expediters are familiar with the process and ensure the first application goes through smoothly.

  • They double-check all plans carefully and consult with professionals to make sure the designs live up to code.

  • That drop off applications and pick up permits at the required time.

  • If the application comes back with plan checks, they will correct all errors and resubmit.

  • Professionals can also help with applications to get permits for large-scale or complex projects.

Experienced companies like Service First Permits maintain communications with the Department of Building and Regulations thereby improving turn around time, and avoiding costly delays and mistakes.

As you can see, there are many benefits to hiring an expediter. Just make sure they’re based in Sausalito and understand the local regulations well.

If you want to know more about the process or wish to consult with Service First Permits, don’t hesitate to reach out. Their team will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get permits quickly.