Permit Pulling Services in San Francisco County

We provide complete building and construction permit management services for general contractors, builders, architects, design professionals, business owners, landlords and residential home owners.  Our services allow clear and fast communication between public and private sectors ensuring timely approval of  all building permits. 

Building construction, renovation, or repairs require special permits from the local authority. Permits ensure that the work is done according to the state building code and won’t place anyone at risk. The permit pulling process can be complicated and time-consuming if you don’t know what you’re doing.

At Service First Permits, we have in-depth knowledge of the permit pulling process and will make sure you can move forth with your project quickly. We are always willing to answer any questions you may have regarding pulling permits. Here’s a brief look at what you need to know:

How Long Does It Take To Get a Construction Permit in San Francisco County?

If everything goes smoothly, you can get a permit within 2 to 4 weeks of application. If you want to get a permit quickly, it’s essential to ensure the application packet doesn’t have any errors. Different counties have different requirements when it comes to the application process. You need to check with your county’s Department of Building website to ensure everything is in order. Most counties require:

A duly filled application form with all required information. The information should be accurate to your knowledge because they will reject incomplete forms or ones that have inaccurate information.
Attested building or project plans; most counties require three or four copies, especially if you have a big project.
A clear and concise description of the work, valuation of the construction, and amount of labor.

You need to pay the plan assessment and permit approval fee along with the form. If all of this information is in order, you should get the permit without delay.

How Long Do You Have To Pick Up a Building Permit in San Francisco County Once Approved?

The permit is valid for 100 days after it is approved. You need to pick it up within this time, or it will be canceled, and you will have to go through the application process all over again. The department will send you a notice 21 days before the cancellation date as a reminder to pick up the permit.

The director of the department can offer a one-time, 365-day extension if you submit a written application and pay a small fee for it. If you don’t pick up the permit within this time, you will have to reapply at a later date.

What Is The Application Assessment Process, and How Does it Effect Permit Approval?

Your application and plans will be sent to different experts in the department. They will study the plans carefully to make sure everything is architecturally sound and up to code. Plumbers and electricians will look at the plans for those specific installations before giving their approval. If everything is in order and there are no code violations, your application will be approved, and you will get your permit immediately.

If your plans have errors in them, the experts will mark them out for plan checks and send them back to you. These errors need to be corrected before you submit the plan again. You will have to go through the entire application process and pay the fees again. Most people get their permits after their second submission because it’s rare for experts to miss anything during their inspection. Complicated plans are evaluated by multiple experts to ensure they don’t miss anything.

What is Pre-Application Plan Review, and Will it Help With Permit Approval?

Going through the permit application process repeatedly can be time consuming and expensive. It’s best to ensure the plan is sound even before you submit it to the Department of Building. If you’re not confident whether the plan will live up to code or if the existing structure is up to code, you can ask the department for a pre-application review.

This review addresses specific concerns and isn’t a general assessment of the plan. It means you need to list down specific questions and related points in the building code. This will give you more information on the department’s requirements and ensure the plan you submit has a better chance of approval. You will get the details within 3 to 10 days, depending on the complexity of the questions.

What Is Over-The-Counter Plan Review?

You can submit permit applications over the counter at the building department office for a quick approval. This a simplified process for applications without plans as you only need to fill out the forms, submit them, get approval, pay the fees, and get the permit. If you want to hand over a plan along with your application, you will have to submit it at the intake counter along with another Q/A form. This process can take longer because experts will need to evaluate the plans carefully before providing their feedback.

You will get the application quickly if everything is in order. If the experts have some comments and plan checks, you will have to pay the fees and take the plan back home for corrections before going through the entire process again.

Is It Possible to Track San Francisco County Building Permits During the Approval Process?

It is possible to track the plan’s progress through the application process. You can call the Department of Building directly and ask them for updates. It is also possible to check the status of the application process online. All you need to do is enter the application number on the department’s website and wait for the results.

The Permit Fee?
The permit fee depends on the project’s valuation. Projects that have a higher estimate will have proportionately higher permit fees and vice versa. You can get the details regarding these fees from the building department’s website.

This application process can become quite complicated, and it’s a good idea to hire professionals to handle it for you. We will make sure your application goes through smoothly, and you get your permit on the first try.

If you want to know more about the process or wish to consult with us at Service First Permits – California, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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